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Vesta Healthcare Utilizes Bluestream Health’s Virtual Care Platform to Support its Unique Home Care Model

01 de Abril de 2022 a las 05:34

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Article courtesy of Telecom Reseller News


Virtual care Platform-as-a-Service gives access to quality virtual care and telehealth services for in-home patients

NEW YORK. - Bluestream Health, a virtual care Platform-as-a-Service, today announced that it has signed Vesta Healthcare as a customer and will support the organization’s unique home care model, which places and equips the caregiver at the center of the care team.

Vesta Healthcare, headquartered in New York, is a 24/7 clinical provider group and digital health platform, dedicated to supporting high-needs members at home and connecting caregivers’ insights to the rest of the care team. The organization partners with home care agencies, health plans, and providers to create value-based population health programs that emphasize clinical quality, improved health outcomes, and personalized engagement.

Vesta Healthcare will utilize Bluestream Health’s telemedicine platform in their unique home care model which establishes a specialized provider team who manages and coordinates in-home care between patients aging at home and their caregivers and the rest of care delivery. The Vesta program has shown that 88% of urgent alerts can be managed and resolved in the home, in partnership with caregivers, resulting in an over 30% reduction in emergency room visit and hospital admission rates.

“Bluestream Health’s virtual care platform has enabled Vesta Healthcare to work with its home care agencies, professional aides, and unpaid caregivers such as family and friends, to reduce avoidable hospitalizations and ER visits,” said Brian Yarnell, co-founder and president, Bluestream Health. “The pandemic has proved that avoiding unnecessary trips to the hospital can help keep patients healthier, and with our platform, there is no need for patients to leave home; they can remain safe and comfortable, all while getting the treatment and care they need through virtual connected care.”

To learn more about Bluestream Health watch this short demo and this detailed overview here.

About Bluestream Health

Bluestream Health is a virtual care Platform-as-a-Service delivering broad access to care for patients and operational efficiency for providers. It combines lightweight and flexible tools to design and deploy digital front doors for healthcare with patented workflow systems to automatically manage complex clinical delivery in real time, 24/7. Bluestream is used by leading healthcare organizations to deliver ambulatory visits, virtual-first healthcare, emergency medicine, behavioral health consults, language interpreting and other mission-critical initiatives.