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04 de Junio de 2023 a las 01:51

Photo courtesy of Brad Penner, USA TODAY Sports
Article by Scott Churchson
Columnist and Host of The Sports Den on Spanglish World Networks, Spanglish Sports World & Zingo TV
New York. - The New York City Football Club finishes it’s 3 game homestand with a possible renewed sense of energy as it aims for it’s first win in over a month. After the team’s 3-1 loss to top seeded Cincinnati, a match that had (as an understatement) an intense amount of scrutiny towards the officiating, the team tries to start off the month of June on the right foot against yet another playoff-bound team in New England. As usual, I have questions leading up to it, but in the meantime, here’s head coach Nick Cushing’s press conference where several opening minutes were directed towards head ref Armando Villarreal for a questionable disallowed goal, a questionable VAR that resulted in a penalty kick for Cincy and a whopping 7 yellow cards for NYCFC. I lead off the press conference as I felt was right in the situation:
1) Will This Unify the Team? After that match and the sheer contempt from players, Nick and the fans I get the sense this COULD be a blessing in disguise. Having a match taken away from you in that matter can really focus a team and remove the mentality of a losing stream. I used the phrase “Hate-Rage” when I talked to Mitja the other day about this. Not sure if the phrase will catch on or even make sense, but when even Union fans are on the NYCFC Twitter and coming in defense of NYCFC on these calls, you KNOW calls are sh-t (see the thread below). Weirdly, it might be EXACTLY what this team needs right now.
2) Can the Team Get Back To Winning At Home? To quote Bill Parcells, “You are what your record says you are” and NYCFC is now 4-2-1 at home after losing back to back inside NYC. Additionally, the Revs have historically played fairly well (compared to other teams) when playing at Yankee Stadium with NYCFC going 6-4-2 for 20 points in 16 games. The two teams battled to a 1-1 draw earlier in the year at Foxboro after a late goal by Talles Magno pulled out a point in a tie that felt in many ways like a win.
3) Could the Team Actually Be Last In The East? This question is weird as hell for me to write, but it is possible. Right now the club is one point ahead of Inter-Miami for last in the east, 16 points to 15, both with 15 matches. Miami plays at home against DC where on the upshot they’ve never beaten DC, so that’s something. But the idea the team could literally be a cellar dweller is uncomfortable for me to write. Moving on ASAP.
4) If They Get 3 Points, Can They Get As High As 10th? Yes, it’s possible if they win and Chicago, Toronto, RBNY, and Montreal all lose (or the Fire and Toronto tie). I think 10th isn’t near as important to the squad as just getting the three wins before going on the road and visiting Real Salt Lake.
5) Can They Get At Least Two Goals? The team has scored 2 goals just once during this winless streak, hitting the back of the yet (for goals that counted anyway) just 5 times in the past 7 matches which is a heavy concern. What may help in this department is the fact that the Revs are in the midst of a defensive lapse of late, having given up 3 goals in each of their last 3 matches, and given up 7 shots on goal in 2 of those three matches. This gives reason for hope, as the talent is slowly starting to show with this young squad. A “Hate-Rage” win (scoring 4 or more) would basically undo most of the angst of the past month. VERY curious about this one myself.