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Expect your ISP to offer more Wi-Fi functionality

27 de Enero de 2023 a las 09:22

Expect your ISP to offer more Wi-Fi functionalityPhoto courtesy of IT world Canada

Article courtesy of Yogi Schulz, IT world Canada

TORONTO. - Cognitive Systems Corp. has developed Wi-Fi Motion, software that turns all your connected devices into motion sensors without installing any additional hardware. The software runs on Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 Internet routers to provide whole-home awareness of movement by sensing and deciphering small changes in WiFi signals travelling through the air.


“Wi-Fi Motion is being offered as an optional service by more and more Internet Service Providers (ISPs),” said Bob El-Hawary, executive vice president of worldwide sales at Cognitive Systems. “Since January 2020, 120+ ISPs have installed Wi-Fi Motion in approximately one million homes. The initial focus has been on home security applications.”


Currently, Cognitive Systems is refining its core WiFi sensing technology, and supporting partners on applications such as:


  1. Home security – Wi-Fi Motion provides alerts about unusual movements of residents and possible intruders to homeowner applications.
  2. Smart home – Wi-Fi Motion provides data about the presence of residents to help home automation software determine if lighting, blinds and temperature should be changed.
  3. Wellness monitoring – Wi-Fi Motion provides data about residents’ movement patterns to determine if support is required.

“We anticipate rapid growth in adoption of WiFi Motion as more ISPs offer the service and as more Smart Home vendors take advantage of the data,” said El-Hawary. “There are many future applications, such as home automation, expanded health applications, and data analytics, for WiFi-based motion detection.”


Cognitive Systems is a Waterloo, Ont. high-tech success story that too few are aware of. Since it was founded in 2014, it has set out to enhance the value of wireless signals. The co-founders drew upon their expertise in silicon design, radio frequency (RF), and cryptography to create a new way to interpret wireless signals. Cognitive Systems has achieved an enviable position of owning its entire intellectual property (IP) stack consisting of:


  1. Wi-Fi signal processing software.
  2. Machine learning algorithms.
  3. Predictive analytics software.
  4. More than 150 awarded patents.


Wi-Fi Motion appeals to homeowners because:


  1. It adds value to multiple Smart Home applications without adding any new management tasks.
  2. It requires no new hardware or wiring to be installed.
  3. It doesn’t introduce a new vendor relationship into the family.


Wi-Fi Motion appeals to ISPs because:


  1. It offers multiple additional revenue streams from the same network infrastructure.
  2. It’s easy to implement because it requires no new hardware and because the software fits easily into their software update distribution mechanism.
  3. It reduces customer turnover.


Expect Cognitive Systems and ISPs to also turn their attention to businesses and government. They operate extensive facilities that can benefit from the same motion-sensing technology.