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Hopes are high for the start of another soccer filled season in Nashville

21 de Febrero de 2024 a las 10:52

Photo courtesy of Christopher Hanewinckel, USA TODAY Sports
Article by Izi Chinchay, The World Soccer Report, Spanglish World Network, Spanglish Sports World, H.E.R. Network & La Portada Canada
Nashville. - With just a few days left before the first Nashville SC home opener at GEODIS
Park, on Sunday, Feb. 25 at 4 p.m. CT, against the New York Red Bulls, fans are
ecstatic to see the boys in gold play under the lights and start the season strong, and
land us some early goals!
It’s no secret that although NSC ended last season with adequate results, victory
was denied by the overall inefficiency in the final third. Despite Shaffelburg’s,
Surridge’s and Mukhtar’s attempts on corner kicks and fast breaks, our opponents
became efficient at defending these attacks. This will force NSC to rely on
collective tactics to find the back of the net in 2024.
Although Mukhtar contributed 15 goals and 11 assists, it did seem like the weight
of the season may have taken a toll in the final games of 2023. Perhaps the
pressure of carrying the team got to him and consequently affected his ability to be
the impactful player he can be. If Mukhtar can play with more confidence in his
teammates, and rely on the competence and experience of the coaching staff, we
can expect a few more goals from him this season.
It is easy for us to presume to know the cause of the team’s inability to pull through
in the attacking third while admitting that we do not see the hard work, dedication,
and tactics that the NSC program is tirelessly working towards. Even still, there is
no doubt that all of us are hoping to see more goals this season. If NSC can launch
their attacks as a unit, and stop relying solely on breakaways and corner kicks, then
we can expect Tempo the Coylet to be waving his flag along with thousands of
Regardless, this will undoubtedly be another exciting year, where season
pass-holders, roaring crowds, and streaming NSC enthusiasts will be there, in body
and spirit chanting
I’ll see this all the way through
No matter how far for the gold and the but
I’ll never give up on you