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Nashville SC holds the Red Bulls to a 0-0 draw

26 de Febrero de 2024 a las 15:28

Photo courtesy of George Walker IV, Associated Press
Article by Izi Chinchay, 
Host and Columnist
The World Soccer Report, Spanglish World Network, Spanglish Sports World, H.E.R. Network & La Portada Canada
Nashville. - Nashville SC kicked off the 2024 MLS season with a 0-0 draw against the New York Red Bulls 
at GEODIS Park on Sunday, maintaining their unbeaten record of 1 win, 0 losses, and 2 draws.
As fans filed into the stadium in the late afternoon, seats began to fill with yellow and black jerseys, dotted 
with the names of NSC’s key players: Mukhtar, Surridge, and Zimmerman. To much of our chagrin, we saw 
all three names on the giant screen, announcing that their status as starting players was “questionable”. 
Surprised fans murmured nervously until the lineup was announced, confirming that none of these players 
would be on the pitch when the first whistle blew.
The first half was a bombardment of Redbull pressure. Fourteen minutes in, goalkeeper Joe Willis was tested 
with a breakaway but was able to deny them a goal with an incredible save—one of two crucial saves he made 
during the course of the game. Just eight minutes later, Sean Davis was issued a red card, and the crowd began, 
shouting the classic, “ref you suck!”. Fortunately for Nashville SC, the red card was recalled, and Davis was given 
a yellow card instead. The first half ended uneventfully, with a 0-0 score.
In the second half, the Boys In Gold gained possession but struggled to make checking runs in the open spaces. 
It wasn’t until the 62nd minute, when Aníbal Godoy joined the pitch, that we saw those spaces being occupied 
with checking runs. Zimmerman, center back, subbed in at the 62nd minute and seemed to be playing well, despite 
an injury that may have kept him from the starting lineup. During the final 20 minutes of the game, Nashville SC 
managed to stay in the Red Bull's attacking third and bring some heat. Tyler Boyd had a powerful shot that was 
promising, yet sailed over the Red Bulls’ goal.
Fans were standing with anticipation in the final 10 minutes of the game, as the Nashville SC attacked New York 
mercilessly. They managed to secure three corner kicks but were not able to land the ball in the back of the net.
A tie is not the worst way to start a season. But if NSC could have displayed a stronger attack, specifically by 
creating more opportunities by adding more checking runs, they would have had a better chance to end the match victorious.