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03 de Febrero de 2023 a las 10:27

PANAM SPORTS STATEMENTFoto courtesy of Panam Sports

Article courtesy of Panam Sports

TORONTO. - The Pan American Sports Organization, led by its President Neven Ilic and its honorable Executive Committee, offer their commitment and support for all the measures and sanctions adopted by the International Olympic Committee in relation to the States and Governments of Russia and Belarus, as well as to the solidarity expressed by the Olympic Movement with the Ukrainian athletes and the Olympic community of that country. We also agree with the possibility of allowing individual athletes with Russian or Belarusian passports to participate in sporting events if they comply with the provisions of the IOC.

Panam Sports, as the leader of the Olympic Movement of the Americas and promoter of the values of the Olympic Charter to the athletes and nations of our continent, will always stand for peace, understanding and brotherhood among the countries of the world and the protection and support of all athletes.